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Sat Apr 01, 2006

PDF files for Historic Project Phase II

In an effort to keep files easy to find I will place all submitted files for the Historic District Phase II below.

submitted by Jim Krysan

Procedural Outline, Phase II
Tips and Workflow Oct. 3rd handout

Posted by: Donna on Apr 01, 06 | 4:01 pm | Profile

Historic Project Phase II Begins

submitted by Jim Krysan

The Phase Two area has been divided up into 22 sections and photographers can get started as soon as they have an assigned area and have looked at the new guidelines. There are a few important changes that will simplify things for everyone.  A copy is being sent (email attachment) to all those already signed up.

To beat the foliage, some people want to get started before the regular draw (to be held at the April 10 meeting). If you don’t mind having a disinterested person (a local harpist) draw a section for you from the hat, you can have a section to start on right away. To draw a section early, just call 708-358-0966. There will be sections left for the draw at the meeting, and the
process is totally random. This is just for those who want to get an early start.

Posted by: Donna on Apr 01, 06 | 3:43 pm | Profile

Fri Mar 31, 2006

Historic Project Phase II to Begin

submitted by Jim K.

Wednesday night, March 29, I attended a meeting of the Survey Committee of the OP Historic Preservation Commission. I was proud for our whole team as I heard Doug Kaare report to the Committee that the OPPC photographers had completed Phase One, and that the photographs are of outstanding quality. All of OPPC can be proud of the team; there were 1170 photographs. If you count in bits, there were 8+ gigabytes.

In a message to the Phase One team yesterday we announced the beginning of Phase Two.  Donna’s response was – we only have about threes weeks without leaves, so we better get started.  We can start as soon as the area is divided up and a draw made. To make the draw, we need to know how many members wish to take part. If you would like to take part in Phase Two, please reply to this message. The area of this second (and final) phase is bounded approximately by Oak Park, Division, Ridgeland and Lake. There are lots of interesting houses waiting to be photographed.

Once we know how many members will participate, we will divvy up the neighborhood and get started.  If you were not part of Phase One, guidance will be provided to get you started.


Posted by: Donna on Mar 31, 06 | 11:48 am | Profile

Wed Feb 08, 2006

Mini Tutorials for the Historic District project.

Tutorial 1 - submitted by Jim Krysan

This tutorial concerns the influence of camera-to-house distance on the appearance of the house. Both pictures were taken with the same camera;


Posted by: Donna on Feb 08, 06 | 7:01 pm | Profile

Fri Dec 02, 2005

Recap of Historic Project Information from Nov. 28 Meeting

by J. Krysan

Many thanks to Rick for an excellent description on how to crop, size and save images in the correct format. If you were not at the meeting and are still having a problem, click on Historic Project on the sidebar scroll down until you see Cropping and Sizing Images using Photoshop Elements. While there, note that:

Goal for December 12 meeting.

    Bring a CD with all the images you have completed up to that date. 
    Title the CD with your name. 
    Save the images for use on a PC.  Use the procedure for naming files that is described in the “Procedural Outline, Rev. III.” you can find this fle easily by clicking on Historic Project on the sidebar, and scroll down to, ‘all pdf files and documents for Historic Architectural Project’.


Posted by: Donna on Dec 02, 05 | 6:33 am | Profile

Tue Nov 08, 2005

All pdf files and documents for Historic Architectural Project

In an effort to make it easier to find files on The Historic Project I will be putting all pdf files as well as Word Documents pertaining to the project in the area below.

Latest Pdf file has been posted it is the Procedural Outline Rev. III posted Dec. 2, 2005


Posted by: Donna on Nov 08, 05 | 6:04 am | Profile

Sat Oct 01, 2005

Architecture Historic District Project Meeting Monday Oct. 3

submitted by Jim Krysan

Architecture District Photo Survey Guideline Review: 7 p.m. Monday Oct. 3 in the Oak Park Public Library Small Meeting Room

The October 3 meeting will be a program to establish, for everyone participating in this project, the guidelines to be followed for photographing houses for the Historic Project.

The program will include examples of acceptable and unacceptable images and thoroughly explain the criteria of acceptability – that is, why some photos work and others don’t.  Issues of lighting, exposure, perspective, and selection of viewpoint will be addressed.


Posted by: Donna on Oct 01, 05 | 8:00 am | Profile

Sun Jul 17, 2005

Photographic Survey of the Frank Lloyd Wright and Prairie School Historic District:

An exciting opportunity for the members of OPPC. To seek Landmark status for this district, The OP Historic Preservation Commission needs photographs of each building in the district and (through Doug L.) asked if OPPC members would take the pictures.


Posted by: Donna on Jul 17, 05 | 11:28 am | Profile

Meeting Minutes of Historic District Planning Committee

submitted by Paula B.

Here you can see the gist of the discussion by the planning commitee concerning the Historic District Project.


Posted by: Donna on Jul 17, 05 | 9:53 am | Profile