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Sat Nov 15, 2008

Meetings are now indivdually announced at the OPPC Yahoo Site

Our communication person for the OPPC Yahoo Group is Sheryl Oder. Meetings are announced with reminders sent to anyone who signs up for that feature. To accesss the OPPC Yahoo group click on the Visit the OPPC Yahoo Group Site link on the left hand navigation bar.

Meetings unless otherwise specified are on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the Month. Meetings begin at 7pm. Meetings are in the Veterans Room (2nd floor) of the Oak Park Public Library.

Posted by: Donna on Nov 15, 08 | 11:14 am | Profile

Sat Nov 02, 2013

Guest Speaker, Chicago Tribune Photgrapher Chuck Berman Monday Nov. 11

Chicago Tribune photographer Chuck Berman, will present his photographs and share information about his work encompassing several decades at the Chicago Tribune.  Club members are invited to submit one photograph for critique by Chuck Berman at the end of his presentation.

Posted by: Donna on Nov 02, 13 | 10:57 am | Profile

Thu Feb 16, 2012

Speaker Wally Slowik on the art of the blog

Monday March 12 Veterans Room Oak Park Public Library

Blogging a unique way to show and talk about your art: A lecture by Wally Slowik

Since 2007, Oak Park Photography Club member Wally Slowik has been blogging about photographs he has taken, events he has experienced and people and places he has visited.

Join us as Wally describes the experiences that lead him to blogging and the Apple and internet- based software he uses to create and publish his blogs to the internet.

W. Eugene Slowick

Posted by: Donna on Feb 16, 12 | 4:54 pm | Profile

Sat Jan 21, 2012

Speaker Susan Rhomberg Monday Jan. 23rd

Oak Park resident Sue Rhomberg will share photographs she has taken on medical missions to Bolivia and Paraguay

Sue has traveled with doctors and nurses on medical mission teams with Solidarity Bridge, a not-for-profit organization that serves to heal and empower those in poverty. Her travels have taken her to Cochabamba and Coroico in Bolivia and Asuncion, Paraguay. Sue has captured photos of the missionary work from the waiting rooms to the medical clinics and the surgery suites, the indigenous people, the children, the landscape and the culture of these South American countries.

In addition to showing photos of her journeys, Sue will talk about her experience of photography in a 3rd world country, the challenges she has faced and the joy and generosity of the people that have been served by the missionary work.

Sue is a member of the Oak Park Photography Club.

Posted by: Donna on Jan 21, 12 | 5:39 am | Profile

Mon Sep 26, 2011

Speaker moved September 26 to Oct. 3 Photographer Felipe Garcia

Monday September 26, 2011,MOVED TO MONDAY OCT. 3rd-- professional photographer and college instructor Felipe Garcia will present a program on converting digital color to black and white photographs.

Garcia is a Chicago photographer with a Master in Fine Arts degree from Colombia College Chicago. Since 2007 he has been teaching a variety of photo classes from traditional to digital photography at Harold Washington College in Chicago. He has also photographed for Chicago’s catalogue studios since 2002.

Posted by: Donna on Sep 26, 11 | 8:20 am | Profile

Tue Aug 23, 2011

Steering Committee Meeting Planned for Oct.10th at 6 pm

Veterans Room Main Branch Oak Park Public Library 6 pm prior to our regular club meeting.

Members we are once again gathering together to plan the club direction for the rest of the year. It’s a time to reflect on what works and if anything can be improved.

Please join us. Feel free to jot down any suggestions, ideas or comments to further the clubs progress on inciting creativity through new content, new direction, speaker suggestions, or new photo assignment ideas which will challenge our photographic skill.

Posted by: Donna on Aug 23, 11 | 1:54 pm | Profile

Tue Mar 08, 2011

Speaker March 28 Professional Photographer Christoph G. Olesch

PERCEPTION, DEFINITION & PRESENTATION - Conceive an image and present your soul for all to see.

Since his childhood in Honduras, professional photographer Christoph Olesch has spent 55 years perfecting his art of photography. Christoph will share his thoughts on “Perception, Definition and Presentation.”

Christoph’s photographic career revolved around industrial photography in the Midwest, with product and advertising images for giant corporations like John Deer, General Motors, Harvester and Caterpillar. He also pursued fine art photography with world renowned artists including Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Honey Boy Edwards, Shirley King and others.


Posted by: Donna on Mar 08, 11 | 6:19 am | Profile

Fri Feb 11, 2011

Meeting Feb. 28 Speaker Alex Garcia-Chicago Tribune Photographer

Alex Garcia is a Chicago photographer whose 20-year career has spanned several countries and continents. At the Chicago Tribune, Garcia has earned international accolades for his work, leading HarperCollins to call him “one of the world’s best photojournalists.”

Garcia shares a Pulitzer Prize with the staff of The Chicago Tribune, 2001, for coverage of gridlock at O’Hare Airport. He also received a Golden Eye - 1st Place award from the World Press Photo contest in Amsterdam, the world’s most prestigious photography contest. Prior to joining the Chicago Tribune, his previous position was on staff at The Los Angeles Times, where he photographed national figures, celebrities and documentary projects. Garcia has won Illinois Photographer of The Year from the Illinois Press Photographers Association. He has also won numerous national and state awards.


Posted by: Donna on Feb 11, 11 | 7:09 am | Profile

Thu Oct 21, 2010

Meeting Oct. 25 speaker photographer John Sevigny

Information derived from John Sevigny’s Bio.

Speaker photographer and writer John Sevigny graces the OPPL and OPPC Monday night to share his work. For the last decade Sevigny has created projects ranging from gritty, hard-edged documentaries (Ladies; Bar, 2007) to explorations of the spirit, mortality and existence (El Muerto Pare el Santo, 2009)

Sevigny worked as a photojournalist for the Associated Press in Mexico, and for the Miami office of EFE News, the official information agency of the government of Spain. He studied Enterprise and Investigative Reporting at the prestigious Poynter Institute for Media Studies in St. Petersburg, Florida, and has shown his work in Portugal, Mexico, Guatemala and the United States.

He currently has exhibitions scheduled in Mexico City and Chicago and is working on his first monograph, “El Muerto Pare el Santo.”

A native of Miami, Sevigny grew up steeped in a frequently contradictory combination of Afro-Cuban religion and urban chaos brought on by waves of immigration and inner city strife. In his photographic work, he clings to the hope and faith of the former without forgetting the dark memories, and the lessons, of the latter. A descendent of a family of Methodist Civil Rights activists, his work frequently addresses issues of social justice.

You can learn more about John at or

Posted by: Donna on Oct 21, 10 | 6:08 am | Profile

Tue Feb 09, 2010

Speaker, Photographer and Club Member Steve Gadomski Monday March. 22

Steve Gadomski to share tips on Photoshop Techniques and Video Monday March 22
by Debby Preiser

“The Convergence of Video & Still Photography”
A current/future trend in photography is the convergence of high end video and stills in the same digital SLR camera. Recently I began doing some video work with DSLR, this will be a growing section of photography in the next several years. I am not an expert videographer, but I was a stringer (freelance photojournalist) for about 11 years, so I learned to tell a story in a single frame. With video, I now have thousands of consecutive frames with which to tell a story. I already have a few exciting examples of short movies I shot and edited to show the OPPC. This program, “The Convergence of Video & Still Photography” will be a bit less than 1/2 hour.

“Photoshop Workflow”
For the second hour, I would like to demonstrate my Photoshop workflow for one of my landscape images. This would be a review for some club members, new material for others. I will demonstrate Raw image processing, use of curves, simple layer masks and finally my current black & white conversion technique.

Steve Gadomski is a professional photographer employed by Rush University Medical Center. At the medical center he specializes in p.r., and portraiture. He studied photography at the College Of DuPage in Glen Ellyn. He has furthered his skills by studying under leading photographers John Paul Caponigro, Joe McNally and Scott Kelby.

You can learn more about Steve at his website Steve Gadomski

Posted by: Donna on Feb 09, 10 | 7:59 am | Profile