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Thu Aug 16, 2007

How the different OPPC sites work

The Oak Park Photography Club’s means of communication.

1.) The OPPC yahoo group, group OPPC photo club is a message board for members to share information pertaining to photography or club activities with each other. The OPPC yahoo group moderator is currently Jim Krysan. If you have any questions contact Jim at

2.) Flickr, www.Flickr oakparkphotoclub is a photo sharing site where you can submit photographs and also comment on other peoples photographs. An OPPC Flickr photogroup is already in existance, come join us, register, select your profile and privacy options, and submit some photos to share. Paul Goyette is managing this site if you have any questions or problems

3.) This Newsletter, is designed to keep members abreast of upcoming shows, speakers, club basics and photo get-togethers. Submissions are accepted for publication on news, technique, and club information.

Posted by: Donna on Aug 16, 07 | 5:32 pm | Profile

Wed May 26, 2010

Club Standard Frame

In an effort to keep the focus of our viewers eye on the photograph, rather than on the framing, we are requiring members to use a standard frame when submitting work for group exhibit. This standard will hold for all group exhibits including the Library Hall Exhibit Area, unless voted otherwise by the group on an individual show basis.


Posted by: Donna on May 26, 10 | 12:00 pm | Profile

Tue May 25, 2010

Member Slide Show Presentation - The Basics-updated 08-2014

1.) Here are the guidelines for sending files to the Member Slide Presentation/Whole Group Discussion:

Each meeting dedicated to the slides themselves will have an assigned compositional technique we will showcase and discuss. The compositional technique will be announced on the OPPC yahoo group, group OPPC photo club and will amply describe the technique or give a link which does.

Anyone submitting four slides must address that assignment in two of the usual four slides. The other two may be whatever technique the photographer chooses. Photographers not submitting any of the assigned slides are free to submit two slides of their choice.

On “Free’ Nights there is no assignment, and members may submit up to four slides of their choosing.

Submit before 11 a.m. the Sunday before the meeting.

Put your images in a folder preferably zipped (compressed, archived).  Send as an attached file. If people do not know how to compress a file thatís ok send them as an attached file.


Posted by: Donna on May 25, 10 | 4:34 pm | Profile

Wed Aug 26, 2009

Print Discussion Circles Guidelines

Guidelines for OPPC Print Discussion Circles:

For many of us the final means of viewing our work is through the print. With this in mind, the club voted to bring back a print circle discussion which will be rotated with the Member Slide Presentation. Starting with the September 28, 2009 meeting we will have a print night for the second meeting of each odd-numbered month. Those months are January, March, May, July, September, and November.

Submitting a slide of the same image we have created a print from, will allow us discussion on comparing and contrasting differences between projection and print. This was discussed as an option that many members will find beneficial. Tips and techniques to enhance the printing process could also be discussed at this time.

On print night please restrict slide submissions to no more than 3 images. (this includes the image you would submit for print comparison).

. . Below are more specifics.


Posted by: Donna on Aug 26, 09 | 5:12 am | Profile

Thu Aug 16, 2007

Image Sizing for the Member Slide Presentation/Whole Group Discussion

Image Resizing with Adobe Photoshop (Element is very similar)
by Donna C.V.

For meetings involving Member Slide Presentation/Whole Group Discussion - Files for the slide presentation are to be sent over to Ken by e-mail. He asks all photos must be jpeg files. The files should be no larger than 900 pixels or smaller on the long side(to avoid image cropping on the projection screen).  Below is a short tutorial to help you size your image if it is larger than 900 pixels on the long side.


Posted by: Donna on Aug 16, 07 | 5:12 pm | Profile

Fri Jun 15, 2007

We Welcome Jim Krysan as our new OPPC Yahoo Group Site Owner

The Yahoo Group Site is a major venue for dialog between club members on equipment, meetings, point of view, photographic experiences, etc. group OPPC photo club

The Owner manages the site, registering people into the site and helping to problem solve for those who have not been able to access the site.

We welcome Jim Krysan to the role of Group Owner and Moderator. If you have any questions or problems contact Jim at

Posted by: Donna on Jun 15, 07 | 10:37 am | Profile

Fri Aug 11, 2006

Flickr Photo Sharing Site for OPPC

Introduced by Paul Goyette

Hi everyone—I just wanted to announce that I’ve created a new online group for OPPC members on, for anyone who uses that service. The group consists of a photo pool that members can contribute to as well as a discussion board.

www.Flickr oakparkphotoclub

This site is owned by yahoo and does respect copyright laws. It works very much like the yahoo sites photo albums on our oppc yahoo group site. The major difference is there is more memory space for your images and comments by others can be made with the actual image. This makes it much easier to see viewer feedback, as opposed to hunting for them on a message board.

If you would like to join and are having trouble, please feel free to email me at and I will help you as best I can.

As with any online site, this one requires you to register to post comments or to post your images. If you simply want to view other club members images use the flickr link above. You do not have to register to view most images.


Posted by: Donna on Aug 11, 06 | 1:27 pm | Profile

Fri Jul 08, 2005

Photography submissions

If you would like to see your photo pictured in the newsletter simply e-mail a jpg file 150 pixels wide to

Please remember to include your name the way you want it to appear in the copyright.

These images will be used in the sidebars of the site. Images which are vertical or square fit the allowable space better. Horizontal images will be used but keep in mind the image will appear smaller.

Keep submissions at 2 per person. Should you wish to add different photos to the rotation you can replace the ones already on the site. Just e-mail me and send your new files. Once I receive new files and place them, the old ones will be deleted.

Posted by: Donna on Jul 08, 05 | 6:02 pm | Profile