What are 3 things you like best about our meetings and what would you most like to see improved

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The three things I enjoy most are
1. The speakers we have had and the variety, in terms of area of specialization the speakers bring to us.

2. The opportunity to meet with people of like interests and discuss issues we have in common

3. Large and small group discussion. I think sharing our work and critiquing are very important aspects of photographic growth.

What I would like to see improved. . . more time devoted to critique of photography. in terms of bodies of work by reknowned photographers, discussing what we like about a photograph and why as well as member photo critique and sharing.

Nov 30, 05 | 10:38 am

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Hi Donna-

I enjoyed my first night at the OPPC. i think content and ideas was good- it was nice to see others work and here techniques etc. I think maybe a bit more structure might be good- I was not sure if I should stand by my work to discuss it or not and once we got into break-out groups for reviewing books etc, there were no leaders so it was unclear what was happening.

Without a facilitator, folks sat and read but did not seem to interact too much! These are small issues but I think they would be tremendous help! I do agree that more member photo critiques and sharing would be good also- maybe topic/technique based?


Niall Hartnett

Jan 24, 06 | 12:19 pm

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Thank you for the input. I have to agree with your observations. We welcome your suggestions. The book review was new to our meetings. It was not structured basically, to see if there would be an interest and how people would respond to the idea.

I was hoping we would get feedback, such as yours to, begin shaping the book review and critique. We would need a facilitator for each group and with last nights showing that would be 3 people at the least.

As far as our print critique, that segment of meetings has always been very unstructured and more of a socilization and informal look at each others work.  I am so glad we are getting feedback thank you for the input and please feel free to give more. Also if you would like to get more involved with content planning and implementation you would be welcome.

Jan 24, 06 | 7:06 pm

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The best thing about OPPC is also its greates problem.  It is in many respects a functioning anarchy.  Me make up rules and structure as needed and not always then.

The sharing of images and techniques and the friendly cooperative atmosphere are the best parts of the club.  The fact that meetings are not very structured. while it leads to adapability, means that the meeting time is often not well used.  A few guiidelines for judging each other’s images and a more definite time period for small group image discussion seems to be ideas well worth exploring.

There seems to be no manual or forumula for running a Photo Club. Part of the educational aspect of OPPC will be learning how to maintain and improve this group.

Feb 04, 06 | 11:37 pm

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