Deadlines Phase 1
Jim Krysan

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I suggest the following as the first deadline for the project.
“By November 15 each photographer
should have opened a folder in the OPPC Yahoo Group
Photos section and posted there 5 “finished” images
from their assignment. This would allow members to
view results and - more importantly, permit setting up
a laptop in the Veteran’s Room to review the postings
together via the projector.”

Please put responses in this thread.
Thanks, Jim

Oct 28, 05 | 9:24 am

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Jim, I like the idea

Oct 28, 05 | 9:50 am

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Hey members, to make your own photo folder within the Historic photo album simply follow these steps.

1. Click on - photo’s - on the sidebar of the OPPC yahoo group.
2. Click on - historic folder -
3. Choose - create album- and put your name on the folder
4. Once you have your own folder you can add your photos to that folder for ease of storage.  Make sure you are actually in your folder before you add a photo, or the program will put your photo outside of the folder.

These of course are not your major file as these fileswill be compressed for the web. Remember to always have a master file of each of your photos.

Hope this was helpul

Oct 31, 05 | 8:58 am

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Thanks for the info Donna - I was about to ask how we create a folder.

Oct 31, 05 | 4:37 pm

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