Photographer Jason Salavon talks about his work Thurs. Jan. 12 at the Art Institute of Chicago

submitted by Jim K.

Begins at 5 pm. Art Institute Evening Associate Members free- Members $10- Public $15 Tickets call 312-443-3710. The event begins at 5 pm in the Trading Room. Reservations are Suggested. DCV

Photographer Jason Salavon talks about his work, examples of which are currently on display in the exhibition “On the Scene: Jessica Rowe, Jason Salavon, and Brian Ulrich.” This exhibition showcases the dynamic photography scene in Chicago captured by these three young and talented artists. After the talk, you can join Salavon in the exhibition and see another exhibition titled “From Darkroom to Digital: Photographic Variations.”

Posted by: Donna on Jan 02, 06 | 8:00 am | Profile

I attended Jason Salavon’s lecture it was quite interesting. His work, in my opinion, was at times stunning in its resemblance to impressionistic painting. Much of his work is done with mathematical algorithms combining virtually hundreds of images to create a composite image.

Truly was fascinating to learn how he stumbled on this method of expression. It was exceptionally interesting to be exposed to his creative vision.

Don S., you, I think would have loved his little leaguer and how he came up with it.

My apologies the tickets were for a eating and drinking function prior to the lecture. The lecture was free.

Posted by: Donna on Jan 13, 06 | 11:39 am