Club Standard Frame

In an effort to keep the focus of our viewers eye on the photograph, rather than on the framing, we are requiring members to use a standard frame when submitting work for group exhibit. This standard will hold for all group exhibits including the Library Hall Exhibit Area, unless voted otherwise by the group on an individual show basis.

The frame and mat specifications are currently a neutral white mat and frame equal to Nielson style 15 in matte black, 16x20 inch.

What many members are doing is purchasing one or two frames used solely for OPPC exhibits. They then rotate different prints in that same frame, needing often to only change the front window mat board if the print sizes vary. It is a very economical solution.

Two suppliers the club has used locally are:

Wayne Toberman’s Framing Service. The Oak Park Camera Club Special Price is 25.95 plus tax for our standard frame do it yourself kit. To contact Wayne:  his business phone is 708/514-2353. WAYNE WORKS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY call for appointment. Wayne is also a member and offers this exceptional price throughout the year. Wayne needs 10 day advance notice for orders. Wayne currently is setting up his business in a new space. (05-26-10) He will be up and running in about 2 weeks which will make him available around the second week of June 2010-again phone first to make arrangements.

The Frame Warehouse is offering members the special price of54.00 plus tax for the standard frame for our 2014 Shows.  This frame and the service usually runs $110.00. Please allow 10 days for framing. The Frame Warehouse is located at 346 Harrison (Ridgeland and Harrison) in Oak Park. Throughout the year The Frame Warehouse offers club members a 15% discount on any framing service. Mention you are an Oak Park Photography Club Member.

image You can help whomever is hanging the show by:
adjusting the wire on the back of your frame in the following manner. (see photo-illustration to the left). Place the top of the wire holding mechanism 4 inches from the top of the frame.
2). Make sure that the wire (vinyl or otherwise) is almost taut, just a tad of slack should be present, between the eyelets of the hanging mechanism.

If you do step 1 and 2 you will save the hanging committee a couple of hours of their time when making adjustments to your frames when hanging the shows.

also: Keep in mind it is your responsibility to have hanging wire attached to those eyelets

Posted by: Donna on May 26, 10 | 12:00 pm | Profile

I got several do-it-yourself kits from Wayne. Called last Wed. and had the kits Monday - in time to frame my print for the Unity Temple “exhibit.” Everything just right and the glass was even clean! Great service.

Posted by: Jim Krysan on Jul 13, 05 | 2:09 pm

I also purchased 4 Frame kits from Wayne and I too was pleased.

Posted by: Donna on Jul 26, 05 | 3:07 pm